My Lair

I don’t know how much time you spend looking around your room (and if the answer is a lot then you probably need to do something about that) but you may have noticed that it looks like you. Again, if you think I mean literally you should go and see someone about that.

What I mean is that your bedroom is an embodiment of your personality. It holds your life. Let’s see if you can figure me out from my bedroom.

If you can enter without breaking your neck or extensive experience as a gymnast, then it’s a good day for me. I’m usually a thorough (anal retentive) person, but in my room I can finally relax. It disturbs and disgusts my friends, but they forgive me.

Assuming you’ve made it in the door you might also notice an overwhelming amount of green. That doesn’t need explanation. Green is good. Green is great.

My technology is stashed in the corner, a printer, laptop, keyboard and monitor barely visible between the mass of cords. It’s a convincing set up; people might actually be fooled into thinking I accomplish things on a regular basis. Definitely serves its purpose…

Above loom piles of DVDs and above that an even larger collection of tea. A rich boy’s inheritance worth of textbooks stand intimidatingly to the side, their elevated position perfect for staring down at me derisively. And then the other books. The good ones. Lord of the RingsGo Set a WatchmanAnimal Farm, The Alchemist….I can’t wait for the day I actually have time to sit down and read them.

Now, you may think that I’ve revealed to you a whole lot of pointless information. You’d be correct. But me, myself and I are pointless. Pointlessly trying to prove to you that I am my room. Hard work with a strong streak of procrastination. Mess with a weak undertone of organisation. Life with a large proportion of naps.

Let me know how your room reflects you. Cause I don’t doubt for a second that it does.